I think the hardest part about having curly hair is learning to embrace it and work with it instead of against it.
To keep my hairs integrity I try to wear it natural as often as possible. I find the more that I do, the better the curls look (and feel).
I used to shy away from using my hairs natural body and volume but I’ve realized curls look their healthiest when they are bouncy and big!
Here’s what I do to utilize my natural texture.

note: not all products used are vegan, this post was created when I was still transitioning to a completely vegan & cruelty free lifestyle

DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel $20 (buy it here)
Cantu Curl Activator Cream $7 (buy it here)
DevaCurl Supercream $28 (buy it here)
Organix Kukui Oil $8 (buy it here)
Turbie Towel $6 (buy it here)
Prior to styling I shampooed & conditioned my hair. I use the Redken Frizz Dismiss line (buy it here). This is my hair when its wet.
To get out some excess moisture I use a soft t-shirt instead of a towel. I like to keep my hair very wet while applying products to combat frizz.
I start by applying DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel from root to tip, making sure to spread evenly and throughout. I use somewhere between a nickle and quarter size amount. I flip my head upside down and elongate the curls with the gel.
I then apply Cantu Curl Activator Cream the same way as I apply the gel. I make sure to stretch down by my ears so that it doesn’t stick up around my face. With my soft cotton t-shirt I scrunch my hair. When you use your hands to scrunch your hair can become frizzy.
To dry my hair faster & reduce shrinkage by elongating the curls I use Turbie Twist. I know I look a little ridiculous but this thing actually works and keeps my hair out of my face while its drying as well.
Once my hair is about 50% dry I take my hair down and walk around the house and let it air dry a bit.
At this point my hair is about 75% dry. I spray Organix Kukui Oil concentrating on my dryer areas (for me this is my bangs). With a t-shirt I scrunch the tinniest amount of DevaCurl Supercream through my ends and use it to recoil any lifeless curls.
I continually scrunch and rearrange the curls until they are how I like.

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