I’ve always really admired LUSH as a brand. They take a strong stance against animal testing, use fresh and natural ingredients that really work, and put an active effort into ethical buying.
The issue I have with some natural skincare products, is that a lot of them cater to normal to dry skin. I find a lot of times that my skin can be reactive to some of the heavier ingredients and oils. The great thing about LUSH, is that they offer a broad range of products for every skin concern.
LUSH is completely vegetarian, with tons of vegan options that are all labeled.
This is a review for two of the cleansers I have tried recently.

Dark Angels and Herbalism are both vegan cleansers. I ended up totally loving one and really disappointed with the other.

A quick note about my skin: I have combination skin that is very reactive. I have some dry patches and some very oily areas. Balancing my skin is always a huge task. My skin is breakout prone because it is ingredient sensitive.

Dark Angels is described as a velvety black sugar cleanser that gently exfoliates and absorbs excess oils. This cleanser is specifically designed to work on oily or acne prone skin. This is definitely a gritty exfoliation. I used this a couple times a week.
I was not overly impressed with this cleanser. I feel like I have other exfoliators that leave my skin in a better state, with less mess. I also felt as though this cleanser left my skin feeling like it had a residue.
After about two months of use, I gave up trying to make this work. Since it is a face and body cleanser, I tried it for exfoliating my body prior to self tanning. This stuff is pitch black, and something in this formulation made it absolutely impossible to scrub off. It clung to drier patches, and I had to scrub off the stains it left with an exfoliating pad. Overall this cleanser, although loaded with wonderful ingredients, performed sub par for me. For what it is worth this stuff smells really amazing.
I prefer salt scrubs over sugar, for their bacteria fighting capabilities. I think as far as LUSH exfoliatiors go, I will stick with Ocean Salt.

This cleanser is gently exfoliating and targeted towards oily or acne prone skin. Rice bran, kaolin clay, rosemary and chamomile deep clean and tone. Chlorophyllin from alfalfa is supposed to balance skin. This is not a crazy deep exfoliation and is more suitable for frequent use than Dark Angels.
I ended up really liking this cleanser. I alternated days using this and using a foaming cleanser and my skin felt great. I used this in the morning, because it was not enough at night to really cleanse my skin thoroughly. This stuff smells like grass ( go figure ) and I also felt energized when using it. I felt the balancing effects on my skin, felt no overdrying, and this also didn’t leave everything looking messy.

I will definitely be repurchasing Herbalism and skipping on Dark Angels.

You can buy some LUSH products online here, but I prefer going to the stores. Many of their products do expire rather quickly since they don’t use preservatives, and there are quite a few products you can only buy in store.


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